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Barack Obama has collected millions of dollars that wasn't properly observed, because he opted out of public financing during the general election. So, he was able to bypass the campaign finance laws without proper investigation.

That is why I am calling for Congress to investigate Barack Obama on ethics charges, because of recent actions after the general election he is having a custom made "Thank You" ring being made of very rare metal (rhodium) specially for Mrs. Obama. This item is valued at $30,000 and this petition is to find and have released the sources of contributions and their locations, and if any campaign finance money was used in an unethical manner.

Campaign finance money should not be used unethically to splurge at the taxpayers expense.

If you believe that congress should enforce their power to demand that Barack Obama list his sources of campaign contributors and where they are located.

Make sure none are outside the continental U.S. and that those finances weren't used on luxury items like a $30,000 "Thank You" ring. If you agree please sign your name and tell Congress you want action!

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