#Residential Disputes
Parliament of the Republic of South Africa and City of Cape Town
South Africa

On the 6th November 2017 the City of Cape Town alone reported that away from the designated sites, the City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre fielded 209 calls on the day that were specific to Guy Fawkes and the illegal discharge of fireworks. On the ground, City staff confiscated hundreds of units of fireworks and issued numerous fines for the illegal sale thereof. They further issued more than 100 verbal warnings about the illegal discharge of fireworks in residential areas and the use of paint socks. Apart from the disturbance that fireworks cause, the behaviour of marauding gangs attacked innocent people. The constant sound of fireworks also masks the sound of gunshots, making it difficult for police to respond to real emergencies effectively. These fireworks also causes many animals to run way from homes as they fear these sounds and are also in some cases hurt during the use of this fireworks. There has been 34 reported incidents regarding "guyfawks"and the use of fireworks that is reported in Cape Town. MAny other cities may have also faced incidents and therefore implementation of this legislation or banning this day should be looked at.

We call on the 9 Provincial governments as well as the National government of South Africa to intervene and look at legislation forbidding the use of fireworks and even the acts that is performed on the 5th November "Guyfawks". We 'further call on these institutions to look at this as a matter of urgency as many use this day to perform or part take in criminal activities such as robberies, assaults and even murders. That they get public participation in this process as well as organisations such as the SPCA to help look at legislation.

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