Anyone who supports extreme metal

They claim that this music is hateful and derogatory and racist and so Ebay is banning the selling of Black Metal and other Extreme music.

First off, this is just music and art. A form of expression and nothing more. Who is Ebay to be the authority on what should be censored or not?

"eBay doesn't permit sellers to list items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, or racial intolerance. Items that promote organizations with such views are also prohibited."

Ok, so then why are they also not banning violent rap music, christian items, pornography, and other items gloryfying the use of drugs?

Are they going to start banning rap albums that are hateful towards whites?

FYI, the Bible techinically violates the offensive items section along with the American flag.

I'm not against Christianity, Rap music or the American Flag and with that same sentiment I see it as hypocritical to ban Black Metal music because its "offensive" when they're also selling tons and tons of merchandise that would be considered OFFENSIVE and Racist.

Overall, I am a big black metal fan and Ebay is one of the only places I can find rare album collections and merchandise that I simply cannot find at Wal-Mart or FYE and at very reasonable prices.

All I'm asking is that if Ebay is going to ban black metal because its isn't following their guidelines for business then please also ban ANYTHING that would fall under the reasons for Black Metal merchandise to be banned.

We are in a free society and banning Black Metal is banning a form of expression and speech and nothing more. Music is music and its not meant to hurt anyone.

We, the People of a free society, call on Ebay to be thorough with their policies for banning items deemed as Offensive, promoting violence, racial intolerance, and organizations supporting such issues or lift the ban of the selling of Black Metal merchandise.

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