#Animal Rights
Petsmart and Petco
United States of America

So you think you can keep Bettas in tiny cups? WRONG. Petco and Petsmart has been selling Betta fish in these tiny and dirty cups for years now. Betta fish deserve better. Also that tells other people that they can keep there betta fish in such tiny tanks. So I think we should try to put a stop to the madness and start bringing in 1 gallon bowls so the pet store can send out a good message to the people who buy them. Not many people know this but Betta fish require at least 1 gallon tanks. Not to mention that the Betta fish in these tiny cups most likely die soon because of the lack of tank cleaning. Please sign this petition.

We are asking you...will you sign for getting Betta fish bigger tanks in the pet stores instead of those little cups?

Please help the Betta fish.

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The Banning Betta Cups petition to Petsmart and Petco was written by Valerie and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.