Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most troubled countries or regions in the world due to climate change. Global climate negotiation is much slower than the pace of climate change. What the globe is experiencing is being felt with different appearance in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is actually a reflection of the global climate scenario.

Being situated at the foothill of the Himalaya, Bangladesh all-time faces the troubles happens to the upper Himalaya. Actually the cumulative effects of global climate deterioration is first felt here in terms of over flooding, drought, untimely storms and calamities.

Due to the level of crises due to climate change the social degradation is getting elevated to a different altitude. Now what we felt most necessary is to establish a separate Ministry of Climate Change & Adaptation Affairs. Specially the Ministry of Environment & Forest is limited with its authority, as it is not having any power to oversee the impact of climate change in other ministry jurisdiction. But the impact of Climate Change is omnipresent and its solution is lying with some crosscutting ministries. Therefore, all the relevant ministry is nothing but spoilage of time and resources. That's why it is now badly needed to establish a separate ministry on this delicate and serious issue.

On the eve of the World Earth Day 2014 we the global people along with the vulnerable people of Bangladesh demanding a separate ministry on Climate Change & Adaptation.

We strongly believe that creation of an independent ministry will save money, time and labor to properly initiate appropriate climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

We, the undersigned, call on the Bangladesh Government to establish a separate Ministry on Climate Change & Adaptation Affairs. It will even save the time of other ministries and it will save money. For an efficient combat of climate change this decision would remain as an historical initiative in furthering the climate change struggle of Bangladesh.

An appropriate response by our honorable Prime Minister can help Bangladesh through to taking a landmark decision.

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