#Animal Rights
NSW Premier Mr Barry O'Farrell

Around the world, in Federal and State legislation, and in successful motions passed by numerous local authorities (including some 40 in Australia), the enforced performance of animals for entertainment in circuses has been outlawed.

These animals spend their lives in captivity, are subjected to cruel and punitive training methods (of which there is abundant video evidence - please visit the website for more information: www.animalcircuses.com) and are being constantly transported around the country so that their owners can turn a profit and audiences enjoy watching animals perform unnatural tricks for their idle amusement.

Castle Hill in NSW Australia is currently hosting the Stardust Circus which crudely boasts as being Australia's largest wild animal Circus.

This disgusts me on so many levels, other suburbs and states in Queensland are moving to ban the likes of these barbaric forms of supposed entertainment.

Please help me change the law on Animal Circuses in this otherwise wonderful Country.

I need assistance in numbers to present a petition to the Premier of NSW, Mr Barry O’Farrell to inform him of the gross mistreatment of these animals, please support me by signing this petition.

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