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Fox hunting is a sadistic sport which involves around 20 horses and riders, 15 men in landrovers with terriers, 40 hounds, a hunt master and usually some hunt followers-versus one fox! Despite people may tell you, foxes actual take very few lambs and they can be kept out of farmland by the use of electric fences and by the farmer chasing them off.

Hens can be locked in their shelters at night and guard dogs can be employed. If the fox population is too high, they can be trapped humanely, sterilised and released. The hunt may last for hours before the fox is caught and is torn to pieces by hounds. The "lucky" ones have their necks broken.

Trapping has killed countless pets as well as fur bearing animals and pests. As I have said above, there are more humane ways of dealing with pests than killing them. Fur is a luxury item to most westerners nowadays, and fake fur is available to most people. If fur was banned completely, employment would not decrease since the people who used to work as fur trappers and farmers could be employed as fake fur producers.

I have seen an appallingly sik video from PETA about fur farms and felt literally sick after watching the whole thing. Foxes and raccoons are seen dead of neglect in their tiny cages and you see the farmer gas a fox by turning on a car engine and holding its snout against the exhaust pipe. He holds it with his hand around it's mouth and nose so as it cannot breathe fresh air and will definitely die.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK government to close down all fur farms, stop all animal trapping and to stop David Cameron from bringing back fox hunting.

We believe strongly that these activities are wrong and should be censored.

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