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The Government of Alberta

After the recent unfortunate deaths of the two young 18 year-olds (Dustin Peers and Chase Hudye) on Hwy 8 in August 2012, a small group of families from Elbow Valley and Lower Springbank got together. These families all have kids who were friends with Dusty and Chase.

After a couple of meetings, we established our agenda, which is to “make Hwy 8 safer for the residents and cyclists who frequent this road”. It became very clear that a divided, twinned Hwy 8 is years away, so the interim solution, in our opinion, is to remove the heavy truck traffic from this highway.

There are 3 other alternate heavy truck routes through Calgary from the west to Hwy 2 south, and the current Hwy 8 route is the only one that is a 2-lane undivided highway. To accomplish this, all it takes is some No Heavy Trucks signage, Provincial approval, RCMP enforcement, and your support.

Please join us in this worthwhile endeavour to save lives in our Springbank Community. Help us by please writing to our website www.NotOn8.ca, Rockyview Municipal Council, your MLA, the Provincial Minister of Transportation and our Premier.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Alberta to ban the use of tractor trailers and other semi trucks carrying heavy loads using Highway 8.

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