#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

Animal Circus equals Animal Suffering. Confinement, brutal training and constant transportation - these are the facts of life for animals in a circus. For most of the year the animals are caged and transported from town to town to perform. Housing is makeshift, and it is common for them to be confined to small pens, tethered or caged on the back of a lorry.

Exercise is negligible. Some animals give birth while on tour. Claims by circuses that animals are stimulated are false, the same tricks are repeated for years. They have to perform whether sick or ill. Circus by its nature cannot provide space or stimulation. Animals suffer physically and mentally in the circus, whether they are wild or domestic. Investigations have revealed physical and verbal abuse to be widespread in training - shouts, kicks, whips even beatings with sticks. Training is done away from the public view.

The rspca has no right of entry to any circus. Animal circus receive little protection. Circuses do not have to provide the same conditions as zoos and few official inspections take place.

There is no educational value in seeing animals reduced to performing tricks in an unnatural environment. The exploitation of animals for our entertainment is not acceptable.

We the undersigned, call on the government to follow the other countries of the world and ban the use of animals in the Circus.

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