#Animal Welfare
barry penner minister of environment

Stop the senseless "TROPHY HUNTING" of the bears in the beautiful pristine Great Bear Rainforest. We view trophy hunting as being as being nothing but senseless slaughter.

Ian McAllister, executive director of Pacific Wild states the following facts. "Their reproductive rate of is one of the lowest of any land animal in North America. Females do not produce their first litter until reaching sexual maturity at between five and eight years of age and their litters rarely exceed four cubs. Intervals between births can be as long as three years and cubs remain attached to the mother for between two and three years. Male grizzles have massive ranges, as large as 4,000 square kilometres, making them extremely susceptible to habitat fragmentation through resource extraction and road building. In this light, sport hunting can have a critically detrimental impact; because grizzlies reproduce slowly, they also recover slowly from human induced mortality.

Furthermore, the use of boats, trucks and blinds to stalk bears, as well as the practice of baiting of bears, has, in some cases, created a modern hunt that is too efficient, tipping the balance dangerously in favour of humans." The David Suzuki Foundation states,"Given the difficulty of accurately estimating bear populations, and the consequences of overestimating them and the precautionary principal, many biologists have recommended that sport hunting be suspended or much more conservatively managed in B.C." Please check out http://www.pacificwild.org/ and http://www.davidsuzuki.org for more detailed and interesting up to date information.

We, the undersigned call on Barry Penner, the minister of environment, to stop the senseless "TROPHY HUNTING" of bears in the pristine Great Bear Rainforest. We view trophy hunting as senseless slaughter.

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