#Law & Order
The Mosquito Company and Press
United Kingdom

February 25, 2006

We have recently seen the release of 'The Mosquito' which is being sold to a selected group of customers worldwide.

It is a product that sends out a high frequency sound which is painful and disturbing to people under the age of 25.

Its objective is to rid of youngsters 'Hanging around'areas such as residential areas and outside retail outlets. This is treating young people like animals and poses some serious human cruelty issues.

Harming peoples ears as well as dictating where we can and can't go. Where excactly do you want us to go? We live in a world where the authorities and many higher aged people do not understand the behaviour and social structure which younger people have to live through.

Ban the mosquito and get the Police to do their jobs properly by sorting out the minority of teens which cause disruption. DON'T TREAT US LIKE ANIMALS!!!

Ban the Mosquito Sound device from places which are open to everyone and don't treat young people like animals.

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The Ban The Teenage Mosquito Hearing Weapon petition to The Mosquito Company and Press was written by Daniel Baugh and is in the category Law & Order at GoPetition.