#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

For many years hens were confined to battery cages, with only the lucky few enjoying the free range lifestyle that they deserve. Since the 1st January 2012 this practice was banned.

Since that date they were replaced with caged hens and it was stated that all laying hens must be kept in "enriched" cages with extra space to nest, scratch and roost.

Have these proved successful and helped the welfare of the animals?

Following an Animal Welfare Investigations it was concluded that the Enriched Cages which now confine the hens:
- providing little three dimensional space
- limited the hens’ ability to carry out natural behaviours
for example: walking, wing flapping, dust bathing, perching and nesting.
- They are never allowed outside and do not see natural light.

Hens should be free range, but until we stop buying them this barbaric practice will continue: please sign my petition and help these creatures to enjoy the splender of the outdoors.

We, the undersigned, call on supermarkets to stop selling eggs that are produced from caged hens.

If we can get them to pledge to sell eggs that are free range, we will have ensured that the hen was free to live as nature intended.

This one act of human kindness will sentence the hen to a life of happiness.

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