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Playboy aka Hugh Hefner Biopic must be pulled from theaters and replaced with another movie as a good alternative. Children are not supposed to see Hugh Hefner. It is not appropriate. Ban the inappropriate film. Make my world a better planet. Millions of parents have fought the fight against Hollywood. Get rid of the filthy crap. Make sure that Brett Ratner is greenlit for Godfather Part IV, not this piece of junk.

Godfather Part IV

Al Pacino continues the legacy of Michael Corleone, a mentor of the Corleone crime family, Danielle Corleone (Kirsten Dunst), whose former mob boss, Vito Corleone, was often shot in the original Godfather.

I, the undersigned, ban the development of the Playboy aka Hugh Hefner Biopic movie so that parents should choose which movie their children want to see.

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