#Animal Welfare
The Federal Government of Australia

Puppy mills are a place where dogs are kept inside confined cages, often stacked on top of each other & crowded. The animals are often covered in their own excrement, never released from the cage, never bathed or walked.

The females are forced to undergo their lives continually breeding so that the puppies can be sold at auctions, pet stores & over the internet to unsuspecting consumers. The dogs often interbreed, carry disease & numerous genetical & health problems. The females breed until they die or no longer can & then are shot.

Pet stores are a main purchaser of these puppies, which are then sold to consumers on impulse buying. Once the consumer realizes that the animal is not sound, they don't want to pay high vet costs & so the animal is put in a pound where it is eventually put to sleep.

To the electoral Members of the House of Representatives assembled in the Federal & State Parliaments:

The undersigned petitioners request:

a) The complete closure of any & all operating puppy mills in Australia.

b) Hefty fines for those found to be operating a puppy mill or where animals are kept in poor conditions inside a puppy mill & the banning of them of running a puppy mill.

c) Nationwide television advertising, to educate consumers not to purchase animals from pet stores & educate on the correct place to purchase a puppy.

d) ban the sale of animals from retail outlets such as pet stores or give hefty fines to pet stores found to be purchasing animals from puppy mills.

e) Mandatory de-sexing of animals at time of purchase.

f) Repossession of their accounts & the requirement to serve a jail term for those who continue to operate a puppy farm after they have already been fined, sentenced & banned previously.

g) ALL pet stores to be required to enter into a log, name, address & driver's license number of the people or person that they are purchasing puppies from And the quantity of puppies they are purchasing.

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