Watsons Malaysia and Guardian Malaysia

We are Ban the Beads, Malaysia. We comprise of youth leaders from around Malaysia, in partnership with Save Philippine Seas and the U.S Embassy in Malaysia. We currently run programmes aimed at raising awareness to the harmful effects of microbeads and the permanent damage they leave in our environment. We have found that, while developed nations like the U.S.A, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and several other have already taken steps towards eradicating the use of microbeads, Malaysia is trailing behind, with little or no agencies actively pushing the nation in that direction. Our objective is to begin conversations with like-minded organisations that are willing to work together with us to move towards the legal banning of all products with microbeads.

Dear Watsons and Guardian Malaysia,

We, from Ban The Beads, Malaysia Being among the two most reputable beauty and healthcare product retailers in Malaysia, we would like to affirm and encourage actions to reduce the impact of your products on the environment. We would like to specifically encourage actions towards the removal of products containing microbeads, off your shelves!

The use of products containing microbeads would ultimately result in an accumulation of non-degradable microplastics in the ocean. The tiny particles existing in microbeads will poison the fishes living in the marine ecosystem. These plastics then travel up the food chain, and finally end up on our dishes daily.

Large retailers like Tesco, have already begun phasing out products that contain microbeads and therefore, we would like to support and ask you to be the spark in this movement, to condition a Malaysia that is more environmentally conscious and attuned to taking actions daily towards more sustainable living behaviours.

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