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I don't know much about petitions but i'm going to try start one... On the 10th of August i saw some distressing footage of the cruelty to animals in zoos and parks in China on a news channel,although they showed the footage and caused alot of distress to people i was talking too, there seems no reason to show it as there's no way us brits can help..But if we said no to fur ( as 50% of fur comes from china- and these animals are kept in unbelievable environments- and if that wasn't enough there skin is then peeled off whilst the poor animals are usually still alive...) would anyone actually want to wear fur if they knew the facts????and im hoping we will speak up and say we want no fur/imports from china until animals in china have rights and are treated in a humane way...

im hoping that england and other countries will be guilt free in knowing there not fuelling this cruelty...and china will then start some sort of act in animal rights PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition no one could possibly disagree in this view and im hoping that people will sign and someone somewhere will take action,i know this is a very long shot but i want to speak up and not feel so helpless. also if possible can you pass this link to as many people as possible to help my cause

To ban fur imports from china to help make china come up with some animal rights.

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