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STOP! Gadhimai festival Nepal

Gadhimai festival is a month-long Hindu festival that is held once every five years at the Gadhimai temple of Bariyarpur, in Bara District, about 100 miles (160 km) south of the capital Kathmandu in southern Nepal. The event involves the world's largest sacrificial slaughter of animals (approx. 500,000) – including water buffaloes, pigs, goats, chicken and pigeons – with the goal of pleasing Gadhimai, the goddess of power.

A month before the ritual in 2009, the Nepalese government realised there would be a "severe shortage" of goats for the ritual sacrifice, as well as for the consumption of goat meat during the festival. They began a radio campaign urging farmers to sell their animals.

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Gadhimai Festival, Nepal, mass animal sacrifice festival:

In an unparalleled religious madness, in Nepal, a Hindu festival calls for a mass animal sacrifice which is considered to be the world's goriest mass killing of animals.

A few hundred thousands buffaloes, pigs, goats, pigeons, rabbits and chickens are killed as part of the blood-soaked festival held every five years (November 24, 25) to honor the Hindu goddess of power.

To the disgrace of Nepal, the brutal killing of over 200,000 animals at the Gadhimai Festival in 2009 was sponsored by the country's Government.

Largely ignored by the rest of the world, the handling and slaughter of the animals contravened the most basic animal welfare standards. Anyone at the festival could kill animals in whatever way they wished and with any tool they chose. Many of the water buffaloes were brought over the border from India and, if they had not died during transit, they were put into an enclosure prior to the festival and not fed or watered for several days, making them weak and less resistant to their killers.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Nepal to ban animal sacrifices and cruel sports. Nepal in the past banned human sacrifice and widow burning.

We request the political leaders of Nepal to do what it takes to stop cruelty against animals in the name of culture or religion.

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