#National Affairs
The Prime minister 10 Downing Street. London.
United Kingdom

We demand that the Burka is banned on British soil, due to the security risks involved.

It is important in everyday contact with people that facial expressions are important to each individual, crash helmets and hoodies have to be removed before entering some establishments.

The Burka hides the person beneath, and could hide many other things.

This is a Christian Country and our laws should be followed.

We the undersigned demand the immediate ban of the Burka, with the belief it threatens our national security, and would relax some of the fears us British people have whilst living amongst people with their faces covered, during which our country is on high alert.

Such events with the burka have involved detainees to escape and avoid capture.

We want it banned now.

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The Ban the Burka in Britain petition to The Prime minister 10 Downing Street. London. was written by Nigela Rhodes and is in the category National Affairs at GoPetition.