#for animals not to die and to BAN THE BAG
To BAN the plastic bag in NSW

Did you know that in 2050 scientists reckon there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish and thats just scary we need to prevent this from happening. Did you know turtles mistake plastic bags as jellyfish.

BAN THE BAG. To begin with, plastic bags are polluting our world, and no one is doing anything to help. These objects are littering the pathways of many suburban streets, and many other places, such as: beaches, parks, and some are even found in public lakes and rivers! Plastic bags are a threat to the environment, and should be shunned by anyone who cares for the environment. They are putting our natural surroundings at risk! Do you want animals to die. One major cause of pollution is the littering of plastic bags. If we all worked together and started using 100% recyclable green bags we would be saving many parts of the environment. Wouldn't you feel good about yourself knowing that you can help save the environment? Well you could be helping if you stop using plastic bags and start using recyclable green bags. Our beautiful oceans are being destroyed, and marine animals are becoming endangered, all because of plastic bags. Imagine, you’re snorkelling, and you see a plastic bag floating right in front of you. In the water! Dolphins and turtles are the most common victims, not weary that the shiny thing they just swallowed was a plastic bag! Do you really want to see our oceans to end up full of plastic bags drifting bags? Trust me, you don’t. Plastic bags can last thousands of years in the sea before they break down. Just think how many turtles, fish, or any other marine life could’ve choked, or even worse, died from plastic bags. For many reasons, I am strongly in favour of banning plastic bags, to help our precious environment. It is clear to see that plastic bags are a threat to our world. I sincerely hope you have thought twice about using plastic bags.

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