Mayor of Spokane
United States of America

Hi, our names are Audrey McCurdy, Kingstin Mills, and Tia Herath. We personally love our planet, and we want kids like us to grow up in a healthy environment. We started this petition when when we were learning about the effect of plastic bags all over the world. Did you know that Washington state alone uses 2 billion plastic bags a year, and only 5% of them are recycled. If you haven't already known plastic bags are killing sea life, trees, animals, and many more things. As kids we want to stop this crisis right now by banning the use of plastic bags in Spokane, WA and hope to move on to other cities to take a stand to this occurring problem and ban the use of plastic bags for good.

We, the people call on the Mayor of Spokane to take a stand and ban the use of plastic bags in Spokane, WA.

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