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Please help me to create a ban on texting while driving for people of all ages. Recently in Missouri a ban was placed on this activity for people under the age of 21, but this is not just an issue that impairs those under that age, but even, and possibly especially people well into their 30's and 40's.

It has been preliminarily proven that driving while texting is at least if not more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. Recently, one of my best friends was hit by a car being driven by a driver who was texting and plowed straight through a red light and onto a cross walk where my friend was legally crossing.

The driver of this car was 23. Are you telling me that because she was two years over the legal age that she was somehow that much more able to text while driving? Driving while texting is extremely dangerous and a horrible, horrible thing that is being allowed to continue for no reason at all, an end must be put to all of the pointless injuries and even deaths being caused by people’s obsession to constantly be in contact with other people. No matter what age you are texting while driving impairs you both by taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes of the road, and also brings your mind away from the most important task at hand, keeping you, your passengers and all those around you safe from the couple ton moving thing you are in charge of. Why when the facts so support a ban on texting while driving is there not one?

Well many wireless phone companies have lobbied against the ban because of the affect it will have on their income and other financial effects. Why should we let some huge mega company’s greed allow this to continue? We need to put a stop to texting while driving today.

We, the undersigned, call on the Missouri State Senator Jolie Justus, to present a bill to the Missouri Senate to put a complete ban on driving while texting (DWT). We have found both from research and from personal experience the devastating results that DWT has on individual's lives. This activity is extremely dangerous and very not worth it.

We call on you as our representative to the Missouri Senate to speak for us where we cannot be heard and make sure that to the best of your ability that this petition helps to make a law that will hopefully save dozens of lives each year.

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