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For years on end my fellow Riot gamers have died in every lane, jungle, river and, battleground by a little hamster who thinks he is the boss. Teemo is a character on league of legends who is known as "The Swift Scout." He is mainly focused on damage and crowd control but also utility. He has caused many players of LOL (League of Legends,) to actively rage to the point of surrendering, game throwing and, toxicity that no human should face. This little rat is the reason why many players of LOL quit and complain about "balancing" issues. If we rid the game (LOL) of Teemo, I can suspect a slight increase in players, veterans and, new comers. Finally with the end of that pesky little rat off of the lands of "Summoners Rift," we can all finally play a fair match and collectively make LOL the game it was ment to be.

We the undersigned, call upon the the removal of the champion Teemo from the game League of Legends as a whole. All of the in-game purchases of the champion (cosmetics etc.) shall be refunded to the player in the form of Blue Essence or Riot Points. All of this is commencing in hopes to bring League of Legends to its former glory.

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