The suppliers, distributors and stores who sell Synthetic Marijuana

Young kids and Adults are killing themselves on a drug that is so easily accessible with the misrepresentation that it is all natural.

I have personally seen that effects of it as I once was heavily addicted to this non-natural herb which affected me mentally and caused major health issues to my body ie: Stomach ulcers, continuous sweats and dehydration, depression and high anxiety, anger and mood swings, lack of motivation and sleep deprivation.

An article from the Hastings Star Gazette where a young man was rushed to hospital after he consumed the substance:

What we've learned between now and then is enough to cause significant concern.

First, what is it? Essentially, the drug is considered herbal incense and the package says the drug is not for human consumption. Small bags of the drug can be purchased at most smoke shops, including one within 10 minutes of Hastings. Inside the bags are herbs sprayed with synthetic substances that mimic THC, the natural chemical in marijuana.

Call us crazy, but paying $20 a gram for incense seems a bit out of line to us. If the product really isn't for human consumption, its makers are selling what has to be the most expensive incense in the world.

And, if it isn't for human consumption, then why is it sold at a smoke shop? And why did the man who sold us this stuff give us a pipe and a lighter with it?

We call to the Australian Government and the Victorian Premier to eliminate the distribution and sale of Synthetic Marijuana and Drugs over shop-counters in Victoria.

Ban the misrepresented substance labelled "Not for Human Consumption". Help protect our children and adults in our communities throughout Victoria.

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