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The North Coast of British Columbia is one of the most ecologically diverse and magnificent places on earth. It's waters are home to wildlife that sustains multi-billion dollar fisheries and nature tourism industries.

But it is at risk.

The most recent threat to this globally significant bit of coastline is the proposal by Enbridge of Calgary to build an 1,100 km pipeline across the rugged Rockie and Coastal mountains ending at Kitimat where the raw bitumen (unprocessed tarsands sludge) would be loaded into more than 225 supertankers for shipping through some of the most treacherous waters in the world. The project would also single-handedly allow the tarsands to further expand by a rate of as much as 30 percent – producing another 6.5 Megatonnes of greenhouse gases and leaking more toxic tailings into our waterways.

Opposition to supertankers plying the sensitive waters of BC's North Coast is very widespread. The Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Coastal First Nations, every BC environmental group, and the Union of BC Municipalities have all said that we need to legislate a ban on supertanker traffic on our north coast.

The stakes are high and the potential for disaster is great; please take a moment to sign up and be a part of the movement to permanently protect one of Canada’s greatest ecological treasures.

A Petition to the House of Commons

A Call to protect British Columbia’s waters from oil disaster

We the undersigned Citizens of Canadians, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:

Whereas, the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline would carry oil 1,170km from the Alberta tar sands to the coast of Kitimat, BC contributing to an expansion of the Tar Sands;

Whereas, the project would bring more than 225 super-tankers the size of the Eiffel Tower to the pristine North Coast of BC each year;

Whereas, the BC coast is home to a diverse and delicate marine ecosystem including more than 120 species of sea birds, 27 species of marine mammals, and important salmon, halibut and other fish stocks;

Whereas, the world has seen that even with the most modern technology and oil industry promises, accidents still happen with devastating consequences;

Whereas, the current Government of Canada refuses to acknowledge the 1972 moratorium on oil tanker traffic off BC’s coast;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned strongly urge the Government of Canada to immediately legislate a ban on bulk oil tanker traffic off BC’s north coast.

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