Ozarks technical community college - waynesville,mo campus
United States of America

At the Ozarks Technical Community College campus in Waynesville, Mo there is one one entrance into the small college located in a shopping plaza. Not even 5 feet from the door are benches with buckets for smokers to smoke and drop their cigarettes.

Each student literally must walk THROUGH a cloud of second hand smoke and risk their health because of casual smokers right outside our "nonsmokers" only entrance. The main campus in Springfield,Mo says we are a smoke free campus yet it is ignored in Waynesville's.

For the rights and respect of nonsmokers, sign this petition to ban smoking outside of the entrance doors at our campus so we are no forced to inhale the smoke off of others cigarettes.

We the nonsmokers, or smokers for rights of nonsmokers, would like to have a smoke free campus just like the main campus. We believe smokers should not be allowed to smoke 5 feet away from the only entrance to the building.

We do not want to walk through second hand smoke any longer!

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