health workers & citizens concerned about the effect of smoking

The Maltese government has just declared that the legal notice that bans smoking from Outside dining areas has just been lifted in order to enhance the economy.

The Legal Notice 206 of 2020 issued in May 2020 added a new regulation stating that no one shall be allowed to smoke any tobacco products in places where food is being served or within the parameters of places where food is served. Such smoking shall be allowed if it is done ten (10) metres away from the place where food is being served.

However now this is now being lifted, allowing smoking at dining tables serving outside.

As health workers ( i'm a physiotherapist myself ) we know the negative effects that smoking has on the respiratory system and in the midst of a world pandemic which attacks the respiratory system , such impact is now being overlooked.

Smoking any kind of tobacco reduces lung capacity and increases the risk of many respiratory infections and can increase the severity of respiratory diseases. COVID-19 is an infectious disease that primarily attacks the lungs. Smoking impairs lung function making it harder for the body to fight off coronaviruses and other respiratory diseases. Available research suggests that smokers are at higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 outcomes and death.
We all know that passive smoking has similar effects as smoking itself.
So please lets join force and ask the authorities to keep the ban on smoking in public/dining areas.

We, the undersigned, call on the Maltese Government to reintroduce the ban on smoking in dining and public areas as listed in the legal notice 206 of 2020

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