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Circuses with animal acts are hiding a lot from us.

Many, if not all, of their animals are abused and neglected. Circus elephants are particularly affected. Elephant trainers commonly use sharp bullhooks and electric prods to beat their animals into submission. Elephants also spend 96% of their day chained up with barely enough room to move around. In the past 7 years, circus elephants have kill 18 people and injured 126. This is a result of the violent beatings that they receive day in and day out whether they perform the right "trick" or not.

57 out of the Ringling Circus' elephants were wild caught. Out of these, most of the animals were very young when they were captured. They were forced to grow up without the support and guidance of their caring mothers and aunts.

Circuses commonly withhold food, water, and socialization in an effort to "control" the animals' behavior. Big cats, primates, and all other animals face similar abuse as circus elephants.

Many circuses have been known to hire pedophiles, drug users, and convicted criminals to interact with both the audience and the animals. These people are not only sick and twisted, but they also have virtually no knowledge of the animals that they are dealing with.

Shrine's Circus, which is soon to be coming to Indianapolis, Indiana, includes dogs, horses, elephants, and big cats, as well as other animals. Shrine evades government policies and regulations regarding the treatment of its animals by not legally owning the animals. Therefore, it is technically not responsible for the animals' plight. Their animal acts vary from temple to temple.


We, the undersigned, call on Indiana to cancel the Shrine Circus performance on March 3, 2009-March 8, 2009.

We make this request because of their current and previous treatment of their animals (elephant, big cats, horse, etc.).

Their treatment of said animals has been found to be abusive, as well as out of compliance with several laws and regulations set for by various organizations.

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