#Animal Rights
PRCA, other rodeo corporations
United States of America

Rodeo promoters say that the animals are wild and rough, but without the use of spurs, tail-twisting, and bucking straps cinched tightly around their abdomen and groin, these frightened and often docile animals wouldn't even buck.

They are terrorized into action when men shove electric prods into them, twist their necks, yank them by their tails or legs, slam them to the ground, or otherwise batter them. The fact that most of these innocent animals are eventually destined for the slaughterhouse in no way justifies compounding their agony along the way.

This is an "entertaining, family event"? I don't think so. In steer wrestling, the so-called cowboy twists a steer's neck until it falls to the ground, more often than not, breaking the neck of the steer. The fact is, rodeos are flat-out cruel to animals. This is not a sport, this is a gathering for animal abusers.

The bulls and horses used for the "wild bucking event" are shocked numerous times with a device that will deliver 5,000 volts of electricity into the animal. No contestant in the rodeo will have it used on them, even when SHARK(www.sharkonline.org, and www.rodeocruelty.com) offered them $300 to try it out.

Many of the animals used in rodeos end up with internal bleeding, punctured lungs, broken limbs, etc.

You can learn even more about this cruelty by visiting the site that was listed above.

We, the undersigned, believe that rodeos should be banned in the United States.

The animals suffer through pain, ending up eventually at the slaughterhouse once they're useless. And why are we subjecting them to this cruelty? Rodeos are not a sport, they are a gathering for animal abusers.


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