#Animal Rights
Globe Australia Pty Ltd

Glue traps are without a doubt one of the cruelest pest–control devices on the market. These ghastly devices consist of a plastic, cardboard or fibreboard tray with a silicone adhesive coating which is designed to catch and hold rats and mice.

Animals caught on these traps often suffer for days before dying of starvation, dehydration and shock. Some animals resort to self mutilation and chewing off their limbs in a desperate attempt to escape.

Glue traps are also a danger to other animals including lizards, small snakes, native rodents, birds and even companion animals, which frequently fall victim to these torturous devices.

Sadly, Globe Australia Pty Ltd, a supplier of pest control products is continuing to sell and/or market these cruel devices. Please sign this petition to urge Globe Australia to stop selling rodent glue traps.

We, the undersigned, believe the use of rodent glue traps is cruel as they cause unnecessary and prolonged suffering.

Therefore, we call on Globe Australia to immediately stop selling and/or marketing rodent glue traps on ethical grounds.

Thank you.

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