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An innocent dancer Kulwinder Kaur was shot dead while performing on stage in Bathinda, Punjab, India on Sunday 4th December 2016.

We at Southall TV believe nothing will change until this gun culture in Punjabi Community gets eradicated completely and Punjabi media and artist community has also played a role in promoting this sort of violent culture among Punjabi Youngsters both in and outside India.

We believe it’s time that media and artist community must accept responsibility and rectify their mistake by banning all Punjabi Songs glorifying Bandookan (Guns), Badmashi (Villainous Behaviour/Gangs) and Daroo (Alcohol) etc.

Showing off guns and portraying gangs as “Cool” has maybe indirectly but played its part in Kulwinder Kaur’s shooting.

Please support our call to ban glorification of Guns, Gangs and Alcohol in Punjabi Music and Videos by signing this petition.

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