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Propane cannons are used by farmers in an attempt to scare geese from their fields. These cannons run automatically, require no direct supervision, are cheap to operate and are VERY LOUD-130dB and louder. The sound travels long distances and creates the atmosphere of a battlefield to surrounding neighbors.

They can be set to go off anywhere from every 30 seconds to every few minutes. The noise sounds like a bomb being dropped next to our home. Some proven adverse effects of the cannon blasts are: hearing loss, tinnitis, PTSD, anxiety, exerbations in existing health problems (especially nervous disorders), memory loss, loss of concentration, anger management, higher divorce rates, negative impact on wildlife, ad nauseum. Research shows that there are other more effective and quieter, methods of controlling the destruction of crops by birds and wildlife.

Farmers often do not even live near the fields where they are using the cannons, thus the cannons have no supervision and the farmers do not have to listen to the noise nuisance that they have set in motion. Living near a propane cannon is miserable, stressful, and one cannot even relax in their own home. This ineffective practice is barbaric and grossly unfair to human beings and wildlife who have the misfortune of living near a field where crops that attract geese are planted.

Please help us restore peace and quiet to our country homes!

We, the undersigned, request that all propane cannons and any other similar noise producing devices used by farmers be permanently and immediately banned from any and all use in the State of Oregon and the United States of America.

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