www.neopets.com , Adam Powell

This petition is to STOP www.pinkpt.com and get Neopets to take it down, making Neopia a better place.

www.pinkpt.com is a website that shows GREAT disrespect for The Neopets Team, breaks the rules, and has possible viruses on the site. It also has a severe amount of spyware.

Some of the ads on that site break Neopets Rules. You are not allowed to talk about Breast Cancer, Drugs, or Matchmaking on Neopets. The ads do all of the above.

Oh, and PPT is NOT hosted by w000t, as they said they were, but are hosted by a host called theplanet.

Theplanet does NOT put ads on their site... wow. Sign this, and you will save many people from the ads, plus stop disrespect for The Neopets Team.

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