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A School is a temple of knowledge. A place where everlasting friendships are made. A place where memories are created. A place which students call it their second home. A place we all will fondly remember for the rest of our lives.

Breaks, before and after school were the best times to catch up with friends and play whatever we liked to. However the scenario today is quite different. What we see lately is children with their heads down, staring at their phones oblivious of the world around. Students prefer to browse through social networking sites and play online games during breaks rather than interact with others.

Students have limited interaction with peers and teachers outside class. While technology has been a gift to mankind in a lot of ways, students are cursed with the side effects of the same technology.

Do we want to see our children grow up as loners and addicts? I am sure a lot of Parents and Students are aware of the ill effects of mobiles/gadgets but some might justify that carrying mobiles is for emergency. This school has a phone which can be used by students in case of an emergency. Also, there are various other communication channels already in place. So is there a real need for to carry phones?

Many schools around the world have already banned mobile phones in school for Students, the latest being France. We should be worried why we haven't thought of this as yet. We as responsible citizens of the world should take measures to protect our children from being addicted to technology at a young age and end up having a future with no real relationships and memories what so ever.

Please support me in this cause. Lets do what's best for our children and ban MOBILES & GADGETS at school.

We, the undersigned, call on the Management of Taylor's International School KL to Ban mobiles/gadgets in School.

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