#Animal Welfare
Fraser Coast regional council

Cat traps are becoming a growing problem in domestic areas of the Fraser Coast . Domesticated , registered and microchipped animals are being caught in these traps causing physical and emotional harm. Unfair handling of caught cats is occurring and nothing being done about it which leads to families loosing pets and people getting away with animal cruelty.

Banning cat traps in domesticated areas will prevent any further intentional harm to animals. Higher power is not taking aligations seriously when abuse is being reported.

There has been reports of people drowning, poisoning, shooting and physically beating cats once they've been caught in there humane and inhumane cat traps without being checked for a microchip and registration. People are loosing there loved cats and no one is doing a thing about it.

We, the undersigned, call on the local council to apply a law against using cat traps on domestic animals. For cat traps to only be used for the safety of capturing any injured or threatened animal.

For a law against home made traps. When a report has been made of locals using cat traps to catch domestic animals, that officers investigate and fine accordingly. Where cats are becoming a problem then council is to set and check traps in problem areas not to be left in public hands.

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