#Animal Rights
United States of America

February 12, 2006

We would like to bring a halt to live feeding of rodents to snakes.

It is not necessary for the snake to eat live prey and should be halted due to the suffering and anguish of the animals used as food. Snakes can easily be fed humanely euthanized (pre killed) frozen rodents instead of putting the rodents through a cruel death.

Saying that it is natural for the snake to eat live is also unacceptable since it is not a fair catch since the rodents are forced into the enclosure with the snake. This is not a fair fight for the rodent.

It can also prove unsafe for the snake if the rodent is aggressive and have been known to kill the snake during feeding. It is a barbaric act and needs to stop.

Please sign if you want to ask for live feeding of rodents to be halted.

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