#Animal Welfare
Australian Federal Government

Pakistan has now decided to "cull" the remaining 20,000 sheep trapped in their country.

Unfortunately we now know that in Pakistan cull means to bludgeon, stab and bury alive any animals unfortunate enough to fall into their clutches.

We the undersigned call for a permanent ban on the practice of exporting live animals from Australia.

It is well past time that the Federal Government of Australia banned the practice of exporting live animals to the mainly Muslim countries who have no regard for the basic human rights of their own wives and daughters, let alone animals.

Everyone involved in this shameful trade, from the farmers who supply the stock, through the transporters to the Federal Government knows about the brutal and needlessly cruel fate that awaits these unfortunate creatures. Recently over 10,000 Australian sheep were bludgeoned, stabbed and buried alive in Pakistan, over spurious claims that they were diseased, how long are we going to accept this abomination which is nothing less than an exercise in international power politics.

We are not only exporting defenseless animals to a cruel, brutal death, we are also exporting Australian jobs. New Zealand has had the courage to say no to this, when are we going to grow a pair and say "No more".

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