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Jehovah Witnesses is an extremist & dangerous mind controlling cult (I used the word cult intentionally, because it is proved by cult experts that this organization is a mind controlling cult [google "The BITE Model and Jehovah’s Witnesses"]).

There are three major factors why this cult is so dangerous:

1) Blood refusal policy - They aren't allowed to do blood transfusions, even if person's life is in danger and needs immediate blood transfusions. They are told to die rather agree on blood transfusion. Thus, this organization is responsible of many people's deaths. They literally have blood on their hands.

2) Shunning - They are told to shun anyone (including family members) who decides to change their faith and leave their organization & to treat them as dead like they don't exist. Ex members are called "mentally diseased" & witnesses are told to avoid them as plague. This is by the way biggest sign of mind controlling cult. They are responsible of broken families and ruined lives.

4) Two witness rule - This policy requires the testimony of two material witnesses to establish a perpetrator's serious sin in the absence of confession. The organization considers this policy to be a protection against malicious accusations of sexual assault. This means that if a person is alleged to have abused a child (or an adult) and he* denies the accusation and the only witness to the crime is the victim, there will be no disciplinary action taken by the ‘elders’ within the congregation. Because of this Jehovah's Witnesses organization is a paradise for sexual predators and pedophiles.

Other non-healthy policies and practices this cult is practicing are - discouraging high education (non-educated people are easy to manipulate and deceive), restricting individual and critical thinking. Once baptized, they are told to doubt their doubts, don't read any critical material that contradicts their beliefs (Quotes from their literature: "Avoid independent thinking...questioning the counsel that is provided by God's visible organization." [Watchtower, Jan. 15, 1983 pg. 22]; "Fight against independent thinking." [Watchtower, Jan. 15, 1983 pg. 27 ]”). Through manipulation tactics cult is removing personality of an individual and replacing it with cult personality. Those who doubt and find out truth about this organization are expelled and shunned. They demand absolute loyalty to the organization, which makes it totalitarian cult. Members of this organization are extremely loyal to the leaders (governing body), they will do anything these men tell them to do (they teach you that obeying them is the same as obeying God), even letting their own loved ones die (blood transfusion) and turning their backs on their own children per their strict “ treat them as if they are dead” approach (shunning) to the ones that want to leave the cult.

Cult experts examined this organization and they

This organization is a mind controlling cult (proved by cult experts) that manipulates minds, forbids individual and critical thinking, forbids questioning the organization, discourages high education, shuns members leaving them isolated from family and friends causing many to suffer with depression and resort to suicide, allows sexual abuse by keeping over 120,000 names of pedophiles at their headquarters (as seen on BBC panorama), not informing the police and allowing these criminals to carry on as normal. They do not allow blood transfusions, which in some scenarios it leads to death. This is not just a typical religion. This a dangerous, brainwashing cult that needs to be stopped & shut down. By banning it we will save a lot of lives.

What is the point of freedom of such "religions" that prohibit individual & critical thinking. Those "religions" stand against freedom, liberty & democracy. Their only purpose is to enslave humanity and giving freedom to such "religions" is the biggest hypocrisy and mistake of humanity. Such "religions" shouldn't have place in a modern and free world.

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