#Animal Welfare
Any one who inbreeds or line breeds pittbulls

The reason why this is such an important issue and concern especially to the Pit Bull breed is due to the negative stigma the breed already faces with many in today’s society.

Breeding unhealthy and mentally ill dogs increases the bite rate for a breed and only gives the opponents of the breed more ammunition against it. This in itself is a huge problem because the Pit Bull is already in danger of going extinct as there are laws around the world and here in the US that already outlaw its existence and its breeding.

These laws in the US are thankfully only on the local level so far. States such as Ohio are on a fast track to try and make them statewide however and the next step is federal which has already happened in places like Great Britain, Romania, Germany, and many other nations where they have been now banned.

We, the undersigned, petition for laws so that people can not mis-breed pittbulls.

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