Government of Lesotho

At 51 years since independence, it is a disgrace that Lesotho (a sovereign state) can’t produce enough food for its people. The economy is weak, unemployment is rife and the agricultural sector is down on its knees. In the past years, governments tried to implement various programs in an effort to stimulate local production but non proved successful. In light of this, we believe our country needs nothing but radical economic policies, hence the motive of this petition.

We petition the Government of Lesotho to impose a deliberate ban on importation of potatoes, cabbage and spinach. This ban is undoubtedly the right step in the right direction for our country. We therefore urge the nation at large (each and very Mosotho) to take this as a national challenge and do whatever it takes to support this initiative. HAE Lesotho and other stakeholders will continue to mobilize Basotho farmers to aggressively indulge in commercial farming of the above commodities and any other.

Commodity statistics from Bureau of statistics Lesotho 2015:

Potatoes M 3 million/Month 1100TON
Cabbage M 1.5million/Month 730 TON
Spinach M 160 000/Month 580TON



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