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More details of our governor's corruption scandal are coming out. I have read pieces of what is on the tapes. I am appalled at what he was trying to do. He was trying to leverage influence on the process of the Cubs sale. His wife was heard in the background chirping her opinion on slowing its progress for their own gains. I think one recourse the Cubs have against these people, even if they spend years in jail, is to ban Rod and Patty Blagojevich from Wrigley Field for life.

I have seen Blago (who resembles Kudzu from the comic strip of the same name) wearing his Cubs hat and proclaiming Cubbie love. His actions, as well as those of his wife Patty(daughter of Alderman Dick Mel) prove that he is a disgrace to Cubs fans and is not deserving of the chance to see them even if he has a ticket. He should never be allowed to see a game in person or enter Wrigley Field again. If he sneaks in, fans should surround him and toss him through the turn-style.

I look forward to hearing the Cubs publicly state that he and his wife are banned from the ballpark for life. Let's make it happen. Let's show the Blagos and Mels that the Cubs organization does not stand for such disgrace. Trying to win a pennant is hard enough without scum like this getting in the way.

We, the undersigned, call on the Chicago Cubs to ban Rod and Patty Blagojevich from Wrigley Field for the rest of their lives.

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