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Prime Minister Martin

Well horse Slaughter has been a hidden problem for quite a while now.

My name is Brittany Keddy I am 13 years old and I write to call your attention to the long overdue Canadian Horse Slaughter problem.

If horse slaughter were to be banned in Canada, what would become of the thousands of horses on the market? There are many alternatives to slaughter. Some include donating them to a rescue or shelter; making arrangements with a retirement farm; donating or leasing them to a therapeutic or handicapped riding organization; selling them privately; or humanely euthanizing the old, sick and lame.

Women are less likely to believe in the slaughter of horses for human consumption than men. 73% of women express opposition to the practise, whereas only 55% of men are of the same opinion. Young people aged 18-34 are the most inclined to oppose the slaughter of horses (only 29% in favour).

Horse sanctuaries and rescue organizations provide care for horses who have suffered from abuse or neglect. Many are able to be adopted to loving homes for the remainder of their lives with veterinary treatment and care.

The horsemeat trade is hidden from most Canadians and the industry wants to keep it that way. Horses played a vital role in the history of Canada both as a means of transportation and assistance on the family farm. Today, they continue to serve us and our lives are enriched greatly by them.
Many people are unaware of what goes on inside the slaughter house.

'Two-Thirds Of Canadians Do Not Believe In Slaughter Of Canadian Horses For Human Consumption!!
I for one do not either! I am asking you to pass a bill against horse slaughter! Horses are our friends our love! Our animals! I had a horse but he had to be sold! While I do not ride anymore I still dearly love horses!

For more information please contact:
or koolpoolgirl@hotmail.com

We, the undersigned, want an end to horse slaughter in Canada.

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