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Bristol City Council

On the 27th of July 2014 at around 2am in a bar on Park Street in Bristol called Antix, Sean Finnegan was hit around the side of his face with glass bottle in an unprovoked attack which has left him blinded in his left eye and scars to his face. If the bottle had hit lower it would have cut his throat and he would not be here today.

Many venues in Bristol and around the UK only sell plastic bottles, and most bars and clubs in Bristol have plastic glasses, in order to prevent such attacks. All bars and clubs in Bristol should only sell plastic bottles, and if this was the case on the 27th of July, Sean would still have sight in both eyes.

Please sign this petition that urges the Bristol City Council to step forward and ban glass bottles from being sold in clubs and bars in Bristol so another person doesn’t have to go through the life changing injuries that Sean has been forced to.

Take action today.

We, the undersigned, call on the Bristol City Council to ban the sale of glass bottles in Bars and Nightclubs in exchange for plastic bottles due to obvious risk they pose as weapons. Too many people have been maimed and even killed in the past due to attacks with glass bottles, and we see no reason why this should continue.

Many venues already only supply plastic bottle, and we cannot understand why this policy cannot be shared by all venues in Bristol. Also as one of Bristol’s aims is to win the 2015 European Green Capital Award it would make this change even more imperative as all leading research shows that it takes more energy to recycle glass bottles than plastic, making plastic the more economical choice.

We hope that with the help of this petition you may be inclined to agree with our recommendation, and use any of the councils powers to put in place regulations regarding the non use of glass bottles within the city centre area, and hopefully avoid anybody else needlessly be hurt or horrifically scarred ever again.

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