Town Board of Hector, NY
United States of America

Slick water, high volume, hydraulic fracturing has destroyed people's homes, communities, natural resources, air, and water in more than a dozen states, most recently in Pennsylvania. This is done so that corporations can sell gas world-wide, in the name of "freeing us from petroleum imports."

We believe our town should ban this practise, in the name of preserving our community. Our state protection agency, the DEC, has decided that certain parts of our state are not OK to drill in, but it's "OK" for the rest of us. "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

We need Hector residents and landowners to sign our petition.

We believe the Town Board of Hector, NY should adopt an ordinance banning hydraulic fracturing and the associated industrialization of our town and the destruction of our rural communities and environment.

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