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The number of three wheelers on the road escalates by the day. Each day it was estimated close to 100 three wheelers are being sold to the local market per day with low interest rates so any low income individual can purchase one easily.

Majority (not all) three wheel drivers do not have valid driving licenses, insurance and ethical driving practices. Hence they have created a three wheel mafia in the country and for almost every crime that happens has a connection to a three wheeler. They do not follow road rules and charge high fees depending on the look of the customer. It has become a threat to the freedom of normal respectable people and a nuisance to all drivers on the road. There are good three wheel drivers too. Either there has to be a system to license only the ethical drivers or control the problem before it becomes a threat to the national security.

We, the respectable educated citizens of Sri Lanka request the local government to ban further importation of three wheelers into the country as it has become a threat and a nuisance to the freedom, civil rights, law and order and the safety of the overall public of the country.

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