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The United States needs to start making laws for the Internet, but Federal Trade Commission keeps holding out for more money to make trade laws.

Enom.com is the perfect example of allowed criminal activity on the Internet. They hijack the domain names of the domains they are supposed to be hosting, and they sell software to grab domain names when they are "dropped." This includes domains that run into problems during transfer.

They then complain that ICANN rules make them helpless to do anything but renew the site subscription for whatever price because ICANN rules won't allow a domain name to be transferred to another host for 60 days after they expire. They are criminals, and should be treated and punished like criminals.

If you sign this petition your signature will be emailed to the appropriate government address. Ban Enom.com from the Internet. Make it something they will not ignore!

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The Ban Enom.com from the Internet petition to F.T.C. was written by Douglas Gross and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.