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We are asking for a ban on micro plastics. While there is a United States ban on micro beads, micro plastics are still used in products like synthetic fleece. Micro plastics are a house hold item.

Micro plastics are linked to Cancer, Brain Deterioration, Type Two Diabetes, and Obesity. More than a quarter of fish have micro plastics in them, causing people and animals that eat fish, to get sick or harmed. The cycle starts when people put micro plastics into the ocean, then the zooplankton eats the micro plastics. After that, the bigger fish would eat the smaller fish that ate the zooplankton, then humans eat the big fish. Then that is the end of the cycle until we put more micro plastics into the ocean. Cancer is the second leading cause of death and Diabetes is the seventh leading cause, which means that micro plastics caused some of these deaths.

Written By Parkway School's Robotics Club

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We as concerned citizens of the United States of America request a ban on micro plastic. They are dangerous to humans and animals.

We are requesting a ban on the production and sale of items containing micro plastics that are harmful to the environment.

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