There is ample evidence to prove the existence of Chem-Trails throughout the world. There is vast photographic and video evidence of Chem-Trails being sprayed over the skies of Adelaide.

We have video evidence of jets at high altitude approaching Adelaide from the west over the ocean. These jets are trailing a vapour trail that lasts a few seconds and disappears. When these jets are level with the coastline the vapour trail turns into a Chem-Trails and then lasts for 30 minutes or more. These Chem-Trails are toxic chemicals of heavy metals. The most common chemicals are Aluminium Salts, Barium, Thorium, Silicon Carbide, Polymer Fibres and Strontium.

They are causing our reservoirs and rainwater to become toxic. They are causing all of the land around Adelaide to become toxic and to raise the alkalinity of the soils.They are causing increased health problems to ALL of the residences of Adelaide.
Article Aluminium, Strontium & Barium In Brisbane Rainwater

This would be the same for Adelaide.

We, the undersigned call on the ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AUTHORITY of SOUTH AUSTRALIA and the State Government of South Australia to BAN the spraying of Chem-Trails over the entire state of South Australia.

The spraying of toxic chemicals from these Chem-Trails is harming the people of South Australia and damaging our water supply and our land.

This horrific practice contravenes every moral and every ethic as to the way a Government allows its own people to be abused.

We demand this practice be stopped immediately.

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