#Roads & Transport
Margaret Cooper Tower Hamlets Council
United Kingdom

Brick Lane is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Sundays, filled with boutiques, markets and antiques. The local council Tower Hamlets are not stopping cars using the street on Sundays, leading to chaos, potential accidents and generally ruining the great vibe of the area.

It would be easy to put up diversion signs. A case of red tape getting in the way of health and safety - a rarity in England.

Even when the road was blocked by an ambulance they wouldn't stop cars driving into that part of the street

A video that I produced about the probem can be seen online at the link

We, the undersigned, ask that Tower Hamlets council rectify the problem of vehicles driving along Brick Lane on Sundays when the market is attended by thousands of people. This is a matter of urgency as people's lives are being put at risk. We request a short term solution.

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