#Animal Welfare
Senator Bill Nelson
United States of America

In captivity, Orca (Killer Whales) are being bred far younger than they would naturally breed in the wild, resulting in higher calf/mother mortality rates, and extremely painful and invasive deliveries.

It is also a common practice to separate the mother and calf, at an average age of 2-5 years old, resulting in extreme duress and trauma for both. In the wild, Killer Whales live in family pods of 5-20 and usually stay with their mother throughout their life.

Not less disturbing is the fact that due to the lesser number of "studs" the captive Orca are inbred. In all species that have been studied, inbreeding carries a higher rate of birth defects, bad health and death.

The "studs" are trained to roll onto their backs and present their penis to trainers in order for them to manually collect semen to inseminate female whales. This practice is unnatural and would certainly not occur in the wild.

We, the undersigned, call on Senator Bill Nelson to sponsor a bill to ban captive Killer Whale breeding in Florida.

The first step toward phasing out the inhumane and outdated practice of keeping Killer Whales in tanks is to end the breeding program.

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