#Animal Welfare
Mexico, all parts

A bull when he comes into the ring often has less than 15 minutes of his life left to fight for and has absolutely no power to extricate himself from this unfair man to beast fight, which involves having a pike driven though his neck muscles within 5 minutes of his entry, a series of harpoons pushed into his back and finally a steel sword which severs his aortic artery.

The bullfighters unceasingly provoke the animal's charge, tricking him go after their elusive capes and the animal is exhausted within minutes. He does have a voice: the bulls scream and howl in their pain and frustration but they cannot say "Stop!" Thousands pay to see this as a form of entertainment where this animal being is tortured both psychologically as well as physically.

Like most living creatures, the bulls do not hand over their lives so easily and this is a sanguinary, horrible sight that is not only bought by currency but openly supported. The swords the bulls are impaled by are not often so skillful and leave their victims with massive internal injuries no matter how forthcomingly they die.

Often fighters push and shove the animal when he is weak and often too hitting him in the face as a superior stunt to win accolades from the crowd. The bulls' ears, tail or hooves are cut off as trophies and they are sometimes still living if the coup de grace fails. This is when the cervical spine is severed (at C1 and C2) if the original estocada is not expertly placed, and this failure happens often.

This is not fun for all art form but a murderous and sadistic spectacle at an innocent animal's expense.

This is a repeated, determined appeal to ban the cruel and subhumanly cruel practice of the corrida de toros in Mexico.

Photographs, reels and fist hand witness is plenty of proof for anyone who might deny this tragedy and violence to animal beings and caring individuals cannot bear it.

This sport causes extreme pain to the bulls as well as horses and also jeopardizes human life. What happens during a bullfight should be considered a crime against humanity and its considered this worldwide.

Global citizens are saddened and appalled by this outmoded spectacle which not only places an additional burden on our environment but hinders our spiritual progress, and those who sign this petition want not only bullfighting banned in Mexico but globally. Stop sanctioning animal killings, that is what this sport is.

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